To Be Continued

I have always seen assessments as the end point, a final judgment whether learning has occurred or not. Once grades were out, I would feel relief and that was it. I can let go of what was learned unless the need to use it comes up again. As I’ve gotten older and had more exposureContinue reading “To Be Continued”

The Turnaround´┐╝

FINAL JOURNAL ENTRY The COVID-caused chaos When the pandemic hit, I seemed to have lost foothold of who I wanted to become. All sorts of emotions came rushing and the feeling of getting behind intensified. From where I was sitting, everyone in social media was just getting on with their lives, taking courses, travelling, dreaming.Continue reading “The Turnaround´┐╝”

One – And All

Journal EntryModule 8 – Epistemology I found it difficult to start writing this journal entry. I feel like it is difficult to confine one’s belief into just a few sentences. Personally, I would like to believe that our epistemology can be constantly growing as knowledge itself can be ever-changing. Introspection. Any information that we comeContinue reading “One – And All”

How Do You Do It?

Journal EntryModule 7 – Successful Learning How Do You Do It? How I did it. I am fascinated with the whole learning process. I feel like it is central to our existence in this world. What will become of us if we do not get anything from our experiences? What if we do not haveContinue reading “How Do You Do It?”


Journal EntryModule 6B – Constructivism in Action We have been through so many test and assessments in life but being able to assess ourselves allow us to see in a different window. According to Bloom’s Taxonomy, evaluation is one of the higher order learning objectives and this does not have to come from others. ThisContinue reading “Self-Check”

Facilitate, Not Transfer

Journal EntryModule 6A – Constructivist Theories There have been countless of instances when I am in the classroom but am not learning anything or when I have done the same mistake because I failed to learn. Most of the discussions led by teachers that I couldn’t recall were probably when they were only parroting whatContinue reading “Facilitate, Not Transfer”

Think To Learn

Module 5Cognitive Information Processing Theories I have always been a learner and have loved being one. I am enthusiastic at acquiring knowledge I previously do not know of and skills I previously am not capable of. The experiences I’ve had so far made me very grateful that I have chosen this path. Understanding how learningContinue reading “Think To Learn”


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